I would propose a ten year sunset clause on all laws enacted by the state, applied retroactively. If a law hasn’t been debated and voted on in ten years, it should be removed from Georgia code. There’s a saying that the average American commits three felonies per day. How on earth can we live free lives if we must live in constant fear of arrest for bad laws that no legislator wishes to use political capital removing from the books? This initiative would require legislators to be accountable for their laws, or risk having them removed.


I support legalization of marijuana and will do everything in my power to make it accessible for Georgians, especially those in need of its medicinal use. Even if the federal government refuses to listen to the millions of citizens that see benefits from this drug, we should not be wasting Georgia’s resources on enforcing bad laws that put non-violent consumers of marijuana behind bars. I further support significantly scaling back liquor laws in this state. I don’t understand why buying a beer with lunch on a Sunday before 12:30 makes me a criminal, but apparently it’s important to some state legislators that I face penalties for doing so.


I’d like to see school choice implemented in Georgia, through voucher systems to allow parents to pick which school they’d like to see their tax dollars applied to, and through affordable and scalable online learning platforms currently in use by some counties, that bring high quality education to students regardless of geographic location.


As an analytics graduate student, I would like to see smarter stoplights and interchanges powered by big data. As the people of my district can attest, traffic in Metro-Atlanta is terrible, but I don’t believe in throwing money and construction delays at a problem and hoping it gets better. We can instead implement better data models in to make smarter traffic lights, and research innovative road patterns like reversible lanes to prevent congestion without spending a fortune and applying state powers of eminent domain to seize land and feed into never ending construction.


I would seek to update O.C.G.A 16-11-130 to include GWCL holders to allow licensed carry in places now prohibited. Licensed gun carriers are among the lowest crime committing demographic on the books, and should be permitted to the right to bear arms without an aggressive state application of Gun Free Zones, which only serve as a mechanism to disarm law abiding gun owners.


Enact a Universal Charitible Credit

Enact legislation that would allow Georgians to direct up to $500 from their income tax to qualified charities with the goal of getting money into the hands of private organizations able to take on public services rather than throwing money at bloated state bureaucracies.