Running profile

Who Am I

I'm Patrick, a Georgia native living in Sandy Springs. After completing high school at the Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology, I went on to get my BS from Georgia Tech in less than three years. I enjoy hiking, enjoying the beautiful trails near Atlanta including the Palisades in the district, running, in 5Ks and along the streets near home, shooting, both in competitions and recreationally, and traveling near and abroad, to expand my horizons and make connections to new people.

Not caring much for politics prior to college, my first plunge into the political arena was an internship for Congressman Rob Woodall in Washington, DC my second year at Tech. Serving as a Congressional staffer at the beginning of Obama’s second term taught me more than I needed to know about how flawed our two party system is, and how ineffective big government can be. I came home and decided I wanted to get more involved in causes I cared about that were often ignored by the big parties, so I started getting more active in Students for Concealed Carry, the Secular Student Alliance and the GT Pride Alliance. Since graduating, I’ve worked my way up in software positions from tier 1 support to product management, and I’m currently working part time towards a Masters of Analytics at Georgia Tech.

My Core Beliefs

I do not conform to traditional religion, but adhere to the Non-Aggression Principle. I see value in many religious doctrines, and encourage those that find benefit in faith to pursue it in peace. I believe strongly in the separation of church and state, and will fight to protect the rights of believers and non-believers alike.

I believe strongly in individual rights, and that the US Constitution was ahead of its time in outlining those rights. I believe in serving my constituents and my community, and in giving them the freedom to prosper without government intervention.